Memoirs of an inside-outsider to the "girl world"

My friends are all guys – Kaylen, peter, J.J. and Mohamed.
They’re my team mates on the basketball team. I’m the only girl.
My name is Clarice and i’m what they call a “tom-boy kinda girl”
I’m not complaining though, my friends are the best.
None of the girls in school like me though, and i really have no idea why. The guys always say that i’m nice.

Anyway, I’m 16 and i’m not the best student but i’m the MVP of the basketball team.

“Nice game, dude!”
That’s what Peter said to me today.
Dude? Do i really lack every essence of being a female?
This never bothered me before but it’s beginning to.
Maybe it’s because i have a mini- crush on mohamed. He’s so dreamy! But who am i supposed to tell?
I don’t have any girlfriends and i definetely can’t tell the guys, they’d laugh. So this is why i’m writing my memoirs.
And seeking advice from those who live in the “girl world”, Where nail polish and make- up is way more important then the lay ups that i’ve come to master!
How will i deal with this?

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