Graden, Angel of the Cathedral

I sat atop the cathedral’s main, and highest, tower.
Hm. Apparently The clouds have sunk low today…
I looked up to a gray sky of nothingness.
Why am I here?
Why am I sitting here?
I am given power, but I am…”Lonely,” as the humans say.
An idea sparked in my head out of nowhere.
Might as well have some fun.
I stood up, adjusted my flowing robes, flipped up my hood, and spread my arms wide.
I leaned forward, and well, splitting off a stone replica of myself and leaving it to stand atop the church tower
Just so they won’t notice anything.
I sped down, and then swished down through a blanket of clouds.
I spread my wings and fell softly down to the ground.
I landed in the middle of a forest, not far from society.
Now I have to find someone, a girl perhaps…
With the flash of a black feather, I contracted my wings into my back and set off.

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