Found Her!

I touched my forehead, and pointed up. I felt a breeze issue from around me,so i knew the enchantment worked.
Now people can see me, so all I have to do is blend in with the crowd.
I saw a couple of people walk by on a path near where a bench sat.
This must be a park, I better change my attire.
I touched my chest, and pointed to a young boy. He had a good sense of style.
I bet the girls love him.
I felt another breeze issue around me, and we switched clothes. The boy looked bewildered, but I ignored him, and set for the streets.
I touched my forehead twice, and another breeze.
Now people cannot see me.
I spread my black wings and perched atop another church tower.
I spread my arms out, and called to His power.
Point me, to the one I need.
I felt a powerful feeling engulf me and I found her.
She is beautiful. Perfect.

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