Make a Wish

I was so comfortably aware of James’ arm cradled around me like I was the most delicate and fragile object in the world. So blissfully aware of the warm, scented breeze that brushed my pink cheeks.

I parted my lips just a bit to taste the salty air that rose up from the foaming ocean that lapped at our feet like playful dogs.”Hey…Look,” James whispered to me, as he gently cupped his hand under my chin and turned my head up to the sky.

Stars.Thousands and thousands of them. They glittered and shimmered in the black sky like silvery sequins sewn into a deep velvet blanket. I sighed and let my head fall back to rest on James’ shoulder. I gazed at him. Watched the bright stars reflect in his dark eyes. His amber colored hair ruffled in the small breeze.How perfectly I felt.I closed my eyes and heard James release a small gasp. “Nina, look, a shooting star.” He whispered in my ear, his warm breath tickling me. I looked up and saw it, shooting across the dark sky.

I wished.

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