Like I’m fresh off the track
I need some space, I need my own air
Get that bit out of my mouth, get the saddle off my back… but I want to do it for you so badly, just for you
But everything inside me wants to run away, and I know its not fair to you
I just can’t trust myself anymore
I don’t know how I got like this, or when it started, but now it feels like it wont go away

Please don’t give up on me, because you know my heart wants to do this for you
But my mind is running away, and my cold soul is already far away
I’ve just gotten so numb
Take me out to run
Win your trophy
Put me back again and forget me

But this is all new to me, I don’t know your kind of kindness
How you take the time, how you never leave me
I love you… so I’m going to give this a try

But I can’t hide the whites of my eyes
And if I hurt you I’m so sorry

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