Psychopaths Among Us

The man sat down on the bench next to David and unfolded his newspaper with a bit of a flourish. Too much flourish if you asked David. Which nobody did.

David scooted a bit further away, well, as far away as he could given that the bench was only so long. He didn’t want to be this close to the psychopath. They made him uncomfortable and slightly itchy.

All his life he had felt this reaction when he met certain people and it was only recently that it was discovered that the psychopaths were actually a different kind of human. An offshoot on the evolutionary path. It seemed David, an average everyday human, had an ability to detect them. A rare talent that David would rather not have.

The man glanced at him and smiled. David shrank back. The smile seemed practiced and automatic. Like something you do because you’re told to, not because you feel friendly. The man’s eyes were empty and void of feeling and as he continued to stare and smile, David began to feel the itch… and the fear.

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