I was on hole three when I realized I had forgotten my stuff.

But, I don’t want to go back there.. I have to. I’ll just ignore them.

I started jogging back to his house. The faster in and out I got, the better. Finally, I reached the door. I looked in the window to make sure nobody was around, and I walked inside.

I grabbed all my stuff and was about to walk out of Hayden’s room, thankfully he wasn’t there, when Matt walked in looking like he was ready to fight.

“Hayden, yo- Mel!”

“Yeah. Bye.”

“Wait!” he insisted, walking up to me.

“Matt, I didn’t really leave my soc-”

He kissed me. And who else to walk in and enjoy this spectacular moment but Hayden.

“MEL!” he yelled, as we broke away.

I glared at him. “Hmmph. I just forgot my stuff. Goodb-”

He grabbed my arm as I tried entering the hallway. “Wait.. I need to talk to you.”

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