A Creeper? No A Creepster!

“I’m switching lunch tables, I’m moving to yours.” I say to Linz.

“How come?” She asks.

“Jordan.” I say.

“Is this about all those emails she’s been sending you again?”

“Yes!! About all those creepy emails she has been sending me!!!.”

“Right, okay, so you’re moving tables because she is a creeper?” Linz says.

“No, not a creeper a creepster!!”

“What’s the difference?”


“You’re saying Jordan is crazy?”

“Yes, you see Blake is a creeper. Rafael is a creeper.”

(especially when he texted me and told me that he liked me, I added in my head.)

“But Jordan is a creepster?”


“Okay, what did she do this time, start from the beginning.”

“The very beginning?” I say.

“Yes, the very beginning.”

“Alright it all started a couple months into school…”

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