Motorola Vs Nokia

Sam took a look at his room. Pretty tidy, and at least good enough for Matt to see.

Sam headed down to the foyer to wait for Matt, as he passed the mirror he checked out his stunning reflection. His neatly cut blonde hair, his bright blue eyes, his perfectly formed dimples.

Sam smiled at himself and went downstairs.

The doorbell rang and Sam answered the door.

They went upstairs and unpacked Matt’s stuff.

“So guess what dude?” Matt said


“I’ve got enough money for a cell, what do you think I should get?”

“Oh go for a Motorola for sure man.” Said Sam.

Matt looked down at the floor. Not responding for a moment.

“Nah, I don’t know, I was thinking about a Nokia?”

“A Nokia, seriously?” Sam said skeptically.

“Yeah a Nokia, what’s the big deal?”

“Nothing, except they’re pretty cheap, that’s all.”

Matt turned his face to hide the redness flushing over it.

“It’s all I can afford.” He says at last breaking the silence.

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