He Is So Perfect, I Am So Not

There he is. I thought as I looked at him, I couldn’t keep myself from smiling. He smiled back, and class began.

I didn’t pay attention all through class. After first period was over, we got what we needed for our next classes, and he walked me to Studio Art, despite the fact that he was going to be late for his own class. We held hands the entire way.

The same thing would happen after each period – we’d meet up, get our stuff, and he’d walk me to my class. He is so perfect.

Finally, school was over. I packed my stuff up for the weekend, and when I closed my locker I found him leaning against the locker next to mine.

“Ready?” he asked, taking my hand.


We walked out of school together, laughing and talking. Little did I realize I had left Kait at school to go nowhere.

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