The Band Incident (Part 1)

“Ok guys, thanks for a great rehearsal. See you tomorrow at 8 am, woo hoo!” said Mr. Nappy, the slightly chubby band director as he ended the four hour rehearsal.

“Oh yay, 8 o’clock in the flipping morning,” said Elizabeth, the beautiful, dark haired bassoonist to Jasmin the tiny, red headed bass clarinetest. “New topic, Can you believe that about Jacob and Gracie? I can’t believe they broke up,” Elizabeth said as they packed up their instruments.

“Oh come on. I know you’re thrilled. You and Jacob have loved each other since the seventh grade.”
“Well if that were true then why won’t he ask me out?”
“He’s a guy. They always complain that we don’t know what we want but it’s really them that are always confused.”
“What ever. Maybe he’ll finally do something about us.”
“Yeah maybe you two will finaly confess your undying love for each other.”

Just then Elizabeth caught something out of the corner of her eye…

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