The Band Incident (Part 2)

“Was that a…,” Elizabeth began before she was interupted by Tom, the green eyed Oboeist. “So what are your plans for the weekend Liz? Jasmin?” questioned Tom. “I’m out of here. Talk to you later,” said Jasmin as she hurried off.

“Nothing really, probably just goign to go home a deal with my mountain of homework.”
“I was asking because a bunch of us were going to go ice skating tomorrow.”
“Sounds fun. Give me a time and I’ll check with my parents.”
“Ok sure. I think we are going around 5. Do you think Jasmin would want to come too?”
“Yeah, she loves to skate.”
“That’s great. So I guess I’ll see you two tomorrow.”
“You sure will. Hey. Is Jacob going?”
“I’m pretty sure he is.”
“Ok thanks. See you tomorrow then.”

Elizabeth then packed up her instrument and went back to put away her chair and stand. “I’m so excited. Iceskating with Jacob,” she thought to herself, “finaly he broke up with that horrid person. Its about time. In the short while they were going out she cheated on him like 3 times.”

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