Not Worth My Company

“So what you’re trying to say to me is that I should act how other people want me to act; that I should put others opinion of me before my own?” I asked this, puzzled at how anyone could allow such a ridiculous thought remain in their mind. “No, but try care more about how people think of you,” she said, seriously. What nerve, I thought. How can anyone care so much and put other people’s opinions to such high regards?
I laughed in her face. It was funny! Why care about others that don’t care about me? When I glanced at her face, she was fuming. “You need to stop being an asshole and try to…” There was more but I just cut her off. “This is life. You have yours and I have mine. It’s like an exclusive club. If people can’t accept the dress code, then they can leave. It’s that simple. As we make changes in the club, there will be different people entering and exiting, but it’s your club all the same,” I said coldly. As I spoke, I locked my eyes in hers to let her know that I was very serious.

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