Sushi Diaper

“Wait.” She paused a second, the perspiration on her head began to bead down her neck. She continued.

“A Duke? We’re in Japan. And regardless, who would use a Duke in sushi? That’s borderline disgusting.”

The dragon smiled. “3AM on a Friday night. Drunk food. It’s kind of like my version of hitting up Taco Bell.”

“Touché.” She bowed her head in respect.

With one final breath, she closed her eyes tight as the dragon popped the piece of fresh sushi into his mouth. The taste was bitter; he could tell she hadn’t urinated in days, and was far from anemic.

There wasn’t much left after that. It was only years later that the town was finally discovered by a humanitarian group searching for victims of a civil war in the country. By then, he had moved on.

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