Can't You Just Look Inside It Anyway?

“Good day, class,” she began, “I’m your substitute teacher, Ms. Waters..”

The class groaned in unison in such a tone that we sounded better than our chorus.

Ms. Waters turned around from writing her name on the board. “Is there a problem?”

Jake spoke up, “Well, it’s just that our regular teacher was going to give us hints on what was in the box today – did he put anything on the to-do sheet?” You could hear the whole class perk up.

“Hold on a minute, I’ll check.” she traipsed over to the desk, glancing over the sheet. I looked at my friends hopefully, each of us wanting so desperately for a hint.

After minutes that seemed to drag on forever, she concluded with a monotonous, “Nope, it’s not on here.”

Everybody started talking again. It seems we’re left to guess on what we thought was lurking about in there until Monday.

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