The Victory And Defeat Of The Blue Meander

I lifted myself from the deck and made my way as fast as possible belowdecks. As you can imagine I was terrified. I locked the door to the cabin behind me, and threw myself onto the bed. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew someone was banging on the door shouting my name. I got up and quickly opened it. It was “Lordâ€? Corbluff.
“What is it? What’s the matter?â€?
Henry Corbluff looked victorious and defeated all at once. “We’ve won the battle,” he said,” but the Captain is dead.”
I was shocked. The Captain had been so nice to me through this entire ordeal and now he was gone.
“How? What-” I started.
Henry silenced me with a wave. “That is not important but we need your help performing the funeral, the men think it will be good luck for a Lady to do it.”
He gave me a half-hearted smile and led me to the deck where the captain lay wrapped in a canvas sails, holystones tied to his feet. I was to send him off on his final voyage.
“I don’t think I can do this…”

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