Cohen (Part 2)

It was like any other day at this god forsaken high school. Or at least I thought it was. Nearing the end of lunch I was at my locker. He was walking towards me. Why? Why was he walking towards me of all people?

“Hey”, there I was satisfied, but that wasn’t the end, “You’re Darcy, right?”. I couldn’t say anything, I was to stunned that he said more than one word, but he didn’t care he had done this before, so he continued, “What are you doing friday?”

Okay, hold on a second, push the pause button, whatever, so why is he talking to me, not Claire the cheerleader? He must be up to something, right? Well, I didn’t care, I mean he is who he is.

“Uhh, nothing, why?”, I said after five seconds of processing what just happened. “Well, I was kinda, wondering if you wanted to see a movie, you know with me.”

“I’d love to, what time?”, I said. “Really? Great, I’ll pick you up at 7:00.”

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