The Band Incident (Part 5)

As Mr. Nappy broke through the circle all became quiet.

“I didn’t mean to. I swear I didn’t mean to. It was an accident,â€? Gracie was murrmering to herself. It was the only sound other than the desperate gasps for air coming from the pale body of Elizabeth.

She lay their, clinging to life in the arms of her beloved Jacob. “Come on Liz. You can make it. Hold on. Don’t you dare leave me,â€? Jacob repeated, willing her to survive.

“Oh God. Quick. Mike you call 911. Jack, run and find me some seciruty. Henry, watch Gracie,â€? comanded Mr. Nappy as he pressed the emergency button on the wall, hoping that some one was still in the office. “Yes, do you have an emergency?â€? the voice cracked over the loud speaker. “Yes a student has been shot,â€? Mr. Nappy said as calmly as possible.

At that moment Elizabeth began to stir. â€?…. Jacob…..â€? she said faintly. “Hush now big mouth. Save your strength. Helps coming,â€? Jacob said, fighting back tears. “No…… I… I have… I have to….to tell….tell you.â€?

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