The Bunny and the Bird

Little bunny rabbit was talkin’ to a bird
Said he liked the carrots and asked what he preferred
In a field of poppies is where the talk occurred
The bunny’s flying friend thought the question was absurd
And bunny got confused, wondered if he had misheard
But actually the bird had processed every single word
The bunny was persistent and he would not be deterred
And so he asked a second time and after that, a third
Soon enough the bunny’s friend was sick of being spurred
He opened up his beak and called his questioner a nerd
The bunny’s next response was rather obviously slurred
He couldn’t quite imagine why such spite had been transferred
With teary eyes he raised his voice and quietly demurred
His friend was sorry to offend and presently procured
An apology, because, it seems, he really had concurred
Then suddenly there came a roar and the scene was blurred
Our friends had been discovered by a prowling lion herd

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