The Band Incident (Part 6)

“There will be plenty of time later,â€? Jacob said, trying to convince both Elizabeth and himself.

“What… if… I…â€?
“Don’t talk like that. In fact don’t talk at all. Has anyone ever told you you talk too much?â€?
“Funny… very funny. But listen… Make sure… make sure you…
“Make sure you… put in the grades for today’s rehearsal. The attendence sheet is in my folder…â€?
“Are you serious?!â€?
“Yeah… there was this other thing… I was going to say….â€?
“And that was?
“I love you… its actually funny to see how brave you can be… when faced with your own mortality.â€?
“Liz… I love you too. Always have.â€?
“I figured.â€?
“Oh yeah miss smarty pants. What gave you that idea?â€?
“Women’s intuition.â€?
“Don’t you have to be girl to have women’s intuition?â€?
“Very funny… Who knew you were so hilarious?â€?
“Alright, enough talking now. Rest now. The hot paramedics should be here to take you away soon.â€?
“I hope they’re as hot as you,â€? whispered Elizabeth before she fell into unconsciousness.

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