The Band Incident (Part 7)

“Alright, clear the way. The paramedics are here,â€? Mr. Nappy ordered as the paramedics ran into the room. They began doing all they could for Elizabeth with Jacobwatching over her all the while. “Have you called the parents?â€? questioned the taller paramedic. “Yes, their on hold if you need to speak to them,â€? Mr. Nappy replied, “the phone’s in the office right in here.â€?

As the paramedic went to speak to Elizabeth’s parents the other two took her down to the ambulence. Jacob, not being able to follow her was left with one thing to do, confront Gracie.

“What the hell were you thinking?!â€?
“I wasn’t supposed to shoot HER .â€?
“No! Who were you supposed to shoot then?â€?
“Me?! Why me?!â€?
“Because you just had to break up with me! No one, I mean NO ONE breaks up with Gracie Thompson!â€?
“You egotistical witch! You wanted to shoot me because I broke up with you?! Liz could die because of you!â€?
“Shut up! You don’t understand!â€?
“Oh yes I do. You can’t stand to lose! She beat you and you can’t stand it!â€?

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