The Day Thief pt 2

Slowly, a human form began to take shape in the gigantic mirror. Slowly, it gained short black hair. Eventually, it became obvious that the man was around seventeen years of age. He then gained deep blue eyes, clothes, and many other human characteristics. Then, a market began to appear behind him. He saw stalls, and shops, and people sitting on rugs with items scattered all around them. Dast watched every detail of his past self. He saw himself walking down the road, with a bundle of items slung over his back. He remembered what these items were: a few gold coins, a potato, and a shirt. After a few uneventful minutes of waiting for the thing he knew he should have avoided, it finally happened. He saw a blur of darkness next to him, and then a dark form appeared behind him. He whirled around and saw a human-like creature, or so he thought, standing there covered in a cloak way that was way to big for it. The thing then spoke. It said “Follow me to join as a Day Thief.”

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