The Band Incident (Part 8)

“Ok, enough you two. You’re not helping anyone by fighting,â€? Mr. Nappy said. At that moment the police men arrived. They took Gracie into custody and started questioning everyone else.

Once he was done with the questioning, he called his parents to tell them what had happened. He also asked if he could go to the hospitol to see Elizabeth. They agreed.

Jacob paced back and forth outside the operating room. With him were his parents, Elizabeth’s parents, and most of the band. Jacob waited in sheer agony. The guilt was killing him. “It should’ve been me,â€? he thought, “I should be the one in there. God I hope she’s alright. She has to be. I’ll never forgive myself if… if…â€? He couldn’t bare the thought of losing her. He couldn’t believe that it had taken holding her frail body in his arms to force him to realize all that she meant to him. “I love youâ€? she had told him, something he should have told her long ago.

After a few hours the doctor came out of the operating room. “I need to see the parentsâ€?

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