“Ohmygaud no way!” She laughed.
“I’m serious!” I said. “He tumbled down the hill and just stood up after all of that!”
So many random conversations happened, i was having the best time!
I walked her to her house, and kissed her goodbye.
“See ya tomorrow, Warren!!” She called after me as I waved back to her and jogged home.
The house was all cleaned up by now, and I rushed in to do my homework
3 hours later
I had one new text from autumn:
Hey, can we talk at school? Meet me behind the school tomorrow. I’ve got a surprise for you!
I raised my eyebrows, and replied a quick Sure, can’t wait

I slept easily that night, and the school day seemed to slip away until it was just us, behind the school. Autumn is smiling, and I’m wondering what her surprise is.

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