Under the Elm(3)

We set off the next day. After a night spent watching my ceiling and wondering whos really going to show, the times finally here.

We all pack our bags and head out;I’ve got the tent strapped to my back like one of those tramps my dads always telling me about. Mainly he talks about the one in the white house, but there’s a bunch of those so I don’t know which one he means.

As we leave town and head for the woods, Shane appears out of nowhere and catches up to us quickly, his overgrown legs pumping madly. He already has hair on his legs for God’s sake.

“Wha..Whats up Sh..Shane?”Carl manages to stutter out. Wow, I forget he and Jim were even here.”How’d you kn..know where we we..were going to”

“A little kid told me he saw he leaving town. I decided I’d join you dweebs for your little adventure.”He replies tersely.

Ah. That explains where he got the new bike.

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