“But wait, guys,” I looked both of them in the eyes, “I still need to sleep somewhere.”

They looked at each other, then immediately looked back at me, as if it were a race.

“You can move back into m-”

“But you already got to slee-”

“Yeah, and she was happ-”

I could only catch fragments of the argument between them that they were yelling at me. I waved my arms at them, “Shhh! You’re going to wake your Dad up!”

“He’s already up.” a deep voice from behind my echoed throughout the hallway, instantly shutting both of the boys up.

“Uhhh.. Dad, this is Mel, the girl I was telling you about? She came over for a visit before we go to school.” Hayden suggested

“Then what was all that talk about sleeping over?”

“We meant about tonight.” Matt offered.

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