Flora Felony

I gripped my fist so hard I was afraid I was going to start bleeding.

That little…insect! She got on my nerves…this was too much. She had been spreading rumors again that I had been drinking at the nectar well.

When was this nonsense going to stop?!
I flapped my sparkling wings and headed towards my house.

As soon as I got in, I sat down on my bed, trying to think of what to I could do.

I slumped dejectedly.

This could go no further. The rumors had to be eradicated.

As a fae of the Imperial Flora Court, I have to be pert and to the point about my duty. I stood up and went into my bedroom.

A few minutes later, I emerged, wearing my best court dress. The rose petals felt soft against my skin, and amber drops glittered on my red slippers.

I stuck my Royal Court hair pins through the elegant (I hoped) bun that now graced my head.

They alerted others to my status. Fine, they basically screamed a “BACK OFF !” message.

Opening the door again, I took off; and flew towards Queen Petunia’s Court.

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