Savior, Warrior, you name it-Becoming that in less than a minute!

“No way! You think I’m going to be the one to save you? You have to be kidding!” Luna wailed, “I can’t even carry the science beakers for Ms. Roth correctly at school!” Luna ran desperately around in circles. “I’ll end up blowing the house to smithereens-or worse!”
“No exceptions,” Iris closed her eyes and rested her head on her two front paws.
NO buts,” her father growled. “The family has waited more than a century for you to come along. We haven’t been wrecking our lives for you to refuse it in less than a minute.”
Luna hung her head. She lifted a paw and wagged it in her parents’ snouts. “When does this thingamajig wear off?”
“At dawn. Every night we turn into wolves. And at dawn we revert.”
Great! Just great!” Luna whined piteously. “No more nights out, no sleepovers- NOTHING ! This is seriously not fair!”
“Join the club,” her father lay against his wife.
“Wait-” Luna thought for a minute. “Don’t tell me…”
She gasped in surprise.

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