Drama, Romance- All good ingredients for a soap

“You named me Luna because-?” Luna wailed in despair.
“We thought it was fitting!” her mother said in a chirpy bark, sounding almost stupid to Luna.
“I must have the worst luck in the world!” Luna ran around in circles again, hoping that her vision of her wolf body was just the result of tired eyes; hoping it would melt away any minute.
“On your first night of being a wolf, stay up until dawn, so you can see the change with your own eyes,” said her father, almost reading Luna’s mind.
“I can’t save you! Please believe me! I can’t take on this type of responsibility!” Luna almost started crying, if wolves could cry as her parents got into sleeping positions.
“Keep vigil until dawn,” Iris said. A few minutes later, they were both fast asleep, laying against each other.
Luna whimpered. So much had happened. This couldn’t be happening. No way this could be happening.
She sat dazed, under the cherry tree. She looked up. There was a light breeze, and loose pink petals drifted all around her. She looked up.

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