The Prank 1

Christy and her best friend Zeke walked down the hall at their school. It was after school hours. “I don’t know, Zeke” she said. “I mean, should we really pull this prank?”

Zeke sighed and said “We have the silly string already. Besides, why shouldn’t we get back at the cheerleaders? They spread that rumor about you.”

Christy sighed. “Ok, but I won’t enjoy it.” Zeke laughed at her and Christy smiled in spite of herself. “Yes you will,” he said.

They walked into the gym where the cheerleaders would be the next day, practicing for pep fest on friday. “Ok, here’s yellow and blue for you,” Zeke said, handing her the silly string. ”’Kay. What about the sparkles?” “Their in my bag. Which is oh, shoot, I forgot it.”

Christy sighed. “It’s ok, I’ll go get it. Toss me the keys, you get started.” “Right,” he said, giving her the car keys and starting to spray the silly string.

Five minutes later Christy walked back into the room. “Did you hear something?” she asked.
And then the principal walked in.

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