We all fell back as fast as we could, trying to outrun the freakish Arvians. I saw a new member of my team turn around and try to play hero, firing madly into the oncoming swarm. The arvians swarmed over him like a moving hill. His bloodcurdling scream ehcoed through our helmets, pushing me to run faster. I heard another rookie puke inside his own helmet.

We finally made it. Most of us anyway. I counted 4 missing from our ragtag squad. The remainder of our team crouched inside a bunker outside of Red Base 9.
“Alright team,”I said trying to keep my voice from cracking.”We need to hold this bunker or everyone inside that compound is dead.”
I didnt get much of a reply.

The next night, many of the team was dead. We had 4 more deaders, and the Arvians had actually breached the bunker once but we managed to hold them off. Then, suddenly, the radio crackled.
“Привет? Любой там?”
Then bad english,”Hello? Are you there?”

The Russians. That bad english was music to my ears.

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