Love/Hate Mail

”... everything was cool, soccer was over now and Jordan and me were still friends. Well anyways one day I get an email, from Jordan. It was just a simple, why are you mad at me? I just responded, I’m not, why? A couple weeks went by and I got no response, so I figured everything was cool, you know?”

“Yeah okay, go on.” Linz said.

“Right anyways, so one weekend, I check my email, and it’s like, 15 unread messages And I’m thinking, wow I sure am popular. But when I clicked on them I realized that they were all form Jordan. Some were really long, her going on about how we aren’t friends anymore, saying that we grew apart, her accusing me of being on depressants.”


“Yeah, she said, you seem so sad lately, are you maybe on depressants? Well anyways, I read the rest, and some were like I hate you, some were like I am so sorry! I ignored them and they stopped. For awhile, and then they started again.”

“Oh boy.”

“Yeah so it’s been going on for months. But this last one went too far!”

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