The Email

“Send me the email, okay?” Linz says.

“Okay, but I’m sending it in two parts, it’s kind of long.”

So I copied and pasted the following and sent it to Linz.

The Email:

well…. where should I start? arent you upset that we dont talk to each other anymore? when i ask you a question you answer it with one word, and the way you say that one word is like why is she even talking to me, i wish she would go away. i dont think you see, or rather want to see that things have changed between us. dont you remember when we were inseparable? now we barely spend time with each other. you’re always ignoring me and looking passed me and treating me like im not even there. but i blame myself for not saying something earlier.i really want us to be friends, nora. but if i cant have the old nora back, i dont think i want nora at all. what happened to the talkative nora? the one who i used to love hanging out with? now everything seems so forced.


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