The Email 2

I copied the rest and sent it over in a 2nd email.

...i dont like the changes thats happened to our friendship. i dont even think we have a friendship at all now. i think u just said that we were friends so i would stop bugging you. i feel like your responses are like automatic or something. they are so formal, and robotic. i want the old nora back. when i first met you we were strangers, then we’d grown to be “besties” don’t you remember? now were back to being strangers again. i dont even know who u are anymore, nora. do u want to be my friend? and at first i thought you were just acting weird, ya know? then i thought you’d stopped talking to me because i was black, but im not sure thats all of it. i didnt think u were against black people, but before i came, it looked like you were hanging out with all caucasians, but now i just dont know. somehow, the nora i knew got lost somewhere. i think you need to find her.

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