The Dynamic Duo

“Some of my father’s…associates have commandeered his research and plan to release it on their own.”She starts,” I need that money and their revelations could have profound repurcussions for the world.”

I puff deeply on the cig. Great. I kill her father and now she wants me to save the world. Not what I need at 2a.m.

“So, you dont want these big bad men to mess with your little plan so you need me to take them out?” I reply testily. I’m not a morning person.

“Yes I want you to kill them Mr…?” She replys.

“Batman. Call me Batman.” I shoot back with a little chuckle.

“Alright Im in, once I find my silencer.” I say once I think it over a little,”Whats the payout Mrs…?”

“You’ll be paid on how well the mission is handled. And call me Robin.”

Great. I need to save the world at 2a.m. and this sonuvabitch’s got jokes.

Not what I need.

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