The Heroin Diary(2)

The days bleed together, when your an addict like me. All you think about is getting high again, about re-entering that familiar fog. No one cares about you either. O, stop. Don’t give me that crap that somewhere, someone cares for me. I think a priest told me that once. He also threw me out the next day because I refused to turn myself into the cops.

Ah, the cops. Those brilliant men in blue. They could really ruin your life. Well, even more than it already is if your like me. They just don’t understand us. We need that next hit. Most of us addicts, our lives are so shitty that the need for another hit is all thats keeping us going. Its all we got.

Me personally? Well, I started shootin needles back in college. Why? Well, I could tell you, but we’d be here for another couple of hours. But yeah, I mostly regret it. Iv lost alot of my life because of that stuff.

What happened? Wow. Thats a loaded question. We’re going to have to go way back to the begining of this little misadventure…

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