My cat in all this mess

I looked suspiciously at a small bulge in the snake’s mid-section. “Where is my cat?”

“Over here, dearest.”, came a muffled reply from the efficiency kitchen.

I did a double take. My fridge was partially visible over the top of the counter which seperated my bedroom from my kichen. The door to the fridge was not closed all the way but the movements of the door were so small as to go unnoticed by me until this second. I shuffled to the counter and peeped over.

Sure enough, there was my cat in my fridge noshing on leftovers from last night’s tuna casserole. His fluffy fur, normally immaculate due to his constant licking, had dabs of mayonaise and tuna all over it.

First a snake, now my cat. I had gone out drinking last night but I CAN ’T have had THIS much. Fluffy looked at me, unperturbed by my obvious discomfort.

“What are you doing?”, I almost screamed at him.

He looked from me to the casserole and back again. “What about this don’t you understand?”

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