Braided Hair: A Southern Haunting

Well, now at you said somethin, I reckon I gotta tell this one.

J’ever know Purchase Grover’s momma? Member she up an died when th horse an buggy she’s a ridin flipped on her? Horse got spooked somethin awful. Member she always had at long hair o’hers jest a braided?

Well, after she died, Purchase was jest sick ta death. Weren’t good fer nothin. Good thang fer him, he finally got in with this ol’ gal – Inez Bussey’s her name. Inez had at long hair like Purchase’s momma.

Once she moved in with Purchase, ever night she’d go ta bed with her hair down an wake up with it braided. If I’m lyin I’m dyin. Beat all I ever did see. An at’s the honest truth. I seen it with my own eyes.

It jest about drove Inez batty tryin to figger out why her hair kept a doin at.

Well, she finally had bout all she could. In the middle of a night, she felt at hair o’hers jest a twistin an she yelled out, “At’s enough Mrs. Grover!”

Do you know her hair ain’t braided itself since? You believe at?

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