Balls and Consequences (LoA Challenge)

“My ball,” I cried, standing up just in time to see it collide with a thunk and a thwap as the loosened leather cover hit home just after the rest of the ball. “I wasn’t done with it yet,” I muttered.

Shane was swearing incoherently while holding his face, and Lisa just sighed, “Fine, I’ll get it back.” Ben couldn’t stop laughing.

Somehow, through his own swearing and Ben’s guffaw’s Shane heard Lisa’s comment and retorted hotly, “You little twerps will never see this ball again! And don’t you dare come looking for it neither.” And with that he was off, ball in one hand, rapidly swelling cheek in the other.

“My ball,” I said softly, “my plan.”

Ben stopped laughing, “What plan?” But I didn’t answer; I just rested my head on the wall of the fort and stared sullenly after Shane. The others were quiet for a minute.

Then Lisa huffed, blowing an errant strand of blondish hair out of her face, “Like I said, I’ll get it back.” Before I could say anything, she was climbing down and sprinting away.

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