finally getting dressed

I gotta say that question had me. I mean, other than “Everything”, which would have made me sound like an imbecile, I had no answer.

I turned, heading to my closet to get dressed. I apparently was going to have company very soon and as, thus far, my companions were shorter than the bottom edge of my nightgown, it would probably be in my favor to put on something a little more modest. Heaven forbid my company should have to look up suddenly.

What do you wear though when faced with this sort of situation. I am going to ‘save the day’. Obviously animal prints were the preferred choice – they didn’t seem to mind my bunny slippers after all – but I had none. I thought about my ‘Do little’ shirt but figured that wasn’t serious enough for whatever heroic endeavor I was about to embark on. Capes with masks were too cliche. I settled for a paisly print shirt with long slacks and tennis shoes.

‘Save the world from a crummy day’... Here I come.

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