The Package (Ben Paddon's Mundane Moments Made Magnificent Challenge)

The doorbell rang, so I opened it.

There was a package there, so I opened that too. With an X-acto knife.

There was another package wrapped in bubble wrap (possibly man’s greatest invention) inside the first package, but I didn’t open that. No, not yet. I had to let the anticipation build.

Ohh, wait! I needed at least some surgical gloves, maybe, and definitely tongs to turn the pages. Calvin & Hobbes style.

But this, I thought, was another comic. Maybe even better than Calvin & Hobbes. That’s right.

I said it.

I got the tongs and gloves. Got the bubble wrap.

Should I open it?

Gahh, don’t think about it, just do it! Do it!

I did.

And there it was. Splendidly colored and that instantly recognizable style I had been following on the internet for so long now.

I suddenly gave a little gasp at the importance of the event. I could…I could read all about the adventures of Llewellyn, and Meaney, and the entire rest of the crew! I squealed.

And opened it.

And gasped with pure joy.

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