At the doctor's office

Krissy said.
“Don’t talk to me like that!” Kenny said as he begins to walk away.
Andrea pushes Kenny, he turns around and says “Don’t put your dirty paws on me!”
Krissy comes and drags Andrea away “Just go away, kenny”
Andrea begins to cry and krissy hugs her tightly and says,”You know what, we’re going to the doctor today.”
“But i already know, i took the self- test”
“Those things have a failure rate.We’re going right now”

Later, At the doctor’s office
Nurse: Mrs. Martin, it’s your turn.

They walk into the office from the waiting room.
“I’ll be with you in a second” The doctor says.

After the doctor takes a blood sample
“Ok do you have a number that i can call you to let you know the results” The doctor says
“But i thought you get the results right away?”Andrea says
“Yeah but you’re a minor, i need to speak to a parent.”
“No please you can’t, i need to know”
“Ok you know what, you’re not pregnant, but you thought you were, meaning that you’ve been sexually active”
“I’m not?!”

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