Character Countdown: a sad tale

So, I came to and decided to write a blog about it. You see, I’d really like to find out what other people think about my ability to produce high quality fiction that is both entertaining and deeply relevant for the future.

One thing that troubled me immediately was the counter that kept decreasing each time I typed a character into the editor. It was like an hourglass direfully ticking downward as each character spilled from my brain to my fingertips, into the my keyboard, before being whisked across the miles of Internet cabling to the site. How could I possibly cope with an ever-decreasing number of characters left in my story? How could I possibly complete a story in so few characters?

It was a dilemma, but I was determined to fight it through. Despite having only 218 - no wait, 204 - no, now 186! Damn! It was so impetuous, so irrevocable, as my characters ran out. Now 109, 104, 99… It was clear I’d never overcome the troubles. So, in my last gasp, I just tried to use every

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