The Battle for Red Base 9

The Russians descended with an entire fleet of battleships and fighters, reigning hell upon the Arvians. I could hear them squealing and screeching as they burned under the fire power of the Russians. Several ships landed, and dropped off a couple hundred soldiers. The battle now turned fierce, Humans and Arvians now equal in numbers. I lead my team out of our bunker to join the Russians and the remnants of our force.
Above us, battleships and organic cruisers clashed in a tyrade of swarming Arvians and deafening fire power.
I got kinda cocky and ran out in the blaze of battle, “AAAAHHHH!” I’ve always wanted to do that!
The Russian’s plasma guns lit up the battlefield with glowing blue light. I saw Colonel Johnston carrying the US flag, running to the top of a hill with several other soldiers. The Russians followed, still firing.
The moment he planted the flag into the ground, the Arvian Mother Cruiser landed with a sickening wet thud.

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