Wallmart Disturbances!(Warning:Please try at home!)

1.Pretend to steal a 20$ bill obviously. Or actually do it.
2. When the cashier whips out that little pen to check if the 20 is real, tell her that you made it this morning and its a good one.
3.Take one of those Blue Light Special tags and attach it to yourself and try to sell yourself to people walking by.
4.You and one of your friends commandeer the P.A. system and act like your flying planes on an attack run.(Ex.: Blue leader, starting run. CHCK Copy that. CHCK IM HIT ! BLUE LEADER GOIN DOWN ! and stuff like that)
5.Ask the manager for spare change.
6.You know that T-mobile add for the sidekick with the dudes in the grocery store? Are you thinkin what Im thinkin?
7.Have rolling chair races down the aisles.
8.Do the fishing rod dance but actually use a fishing rod.
9.Have a plastic lightsaber fight and run all around the store while doing so.
10.Come in fitness clothes and use the displays for the equipment for a workout.

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