Taking A Stand

“Wow oh my she is such a creepster!!!” Linz said later the next day.

“I know!!! It’s so weird, some of the things she said didn’t even make sense.”

“Yeah seriously.”

“And she totally called me a racist too!!”

“Yeah really, and what was with caucasian, she can’t just say white?”

“I know!!!” I almost shouted.

“And she called you a robot, ha ha, that was funny.”

“Yeah it kind of was, I actually laughed a bit when I read it.” I said.

“So what are you going to do about it?”

“Well I sent her an email, yelling at her, making fun of some of the things she said, and being bluntly honest. From now on I’m not pretending anymore, I’m treating her they way I feel.

“Wow, good for you.”

“Yeah, I’m taking a stand.” I said.

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