Tellman Tales

Frank Tellman is an accountant for the CIA .

The familiar ping of the computer announced the emails arrival. It caught his ear but not his attention so he continued to finesse his spread sheets.

“I need to plug in a few numbers first then I’ll check it.”

Frank’s life rarely elevated beyond the monotonous yet comforting routine of crunching budgetary figures in the agencies accounting department and today was no different.

He saved his Excel file and clicked the tab to open Outlook. The email in his inbox was from a “” but the subject line was blank. He furrowed his brow and opened it.

Gary, G2 has been opened. Let’s talk over lunch. City of Lights.

Clearly it was sent in error. He was about to click “Reply” when he hesitated. Instead he logged into the central database and typed “tellman” in the search pane. Two “Tellman” listings came up.


He looked at the “Reply” button again, swallowed, then typed “G2” into the search pane and clicked return.

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