Riders on the Storm

Time standing still, momentarily.

Your body, unable to move, transfixed, lies in a motionless trance.

Each drum, each uttered sound from a breathless poet is not lost, but returned in a full circle spectrum.

Above you, around you, the room is dark, but still you see the dancing shadows, the swirling colours, the immense proportions of the universe as a whole.

You are there, but you are not.

You follow the soothing, pleasuring voice farther as he takes you higher, rising with the level of the clouds, the stars, the moon…

He’s chanting his poetry to you and only you. Making love to your mind, body, soul.

You feel unreal. A ghost locked away in a dark shadow.

But he’s real. Chanting, chanting, shouting, crying out.

Taking you far and wide across the universe, a monumental occassion buried under shrouds of deep, clouded feeling.

And you come back down, back to the room of darkness as the record sputters.

The Doors have opened up another universe to explore.

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