Not Mine Yet

“There.” I said with a hint of prefection and complesion.
“What honey?” My mother questioned.
“Oh nothing.” I smirked and quirckly began to finish my chicken noodle soup, only leaving 4 letters out.

They were the four best letters in the world. They were four letters I could not live without! They were courage and skill. Well atleast I hoped they were.

As my younger brother lurked around the table I quickly hide them under my arm. “Whatcha doing?” He asked as innocently as an eleven year old could. I smiled.
“Eatin’ soup.”
“Okay.” All of the sudden my little sister came bursting through the door.
“I want some soup too!!” She shouted.
“Chill out.” My mother cooed. She began to ladle some into a bowl for my sister.

Only one more day until I saw that gorgeous guy of mine. Well he wasn’t mine yet but he was going to be!

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