funiral service

I went to my mother in law’s funeral service two days ago. It was the last place I’de expect any laughter. But, it was no laughing matter. My father in law died in 1991. He was going to retire on his sixty second birthday which was coming in November of that year. Well, as you can see he did’nt make it. He showed up in his office one morning, complaining about chest pains,Next day, we got a phone call, he died the night before. Anyway, we found out that in his last will and testaments, he wanted to be cremated.His wife, have testified to that effect. She even added that, she wants to keep his ashes so when she dies, she wanted to be cremated as well, and have both of their ashes be spread together. So, she kept him in her home for all these years. The poor bastard did’nt have a chance even after his death. She got him, where she wanted him all alone to herself. She died last week…..And I wished It was all that simple….

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